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How Our Virtual Assistants Support Nonprofits

Whether you need help with administrative tasks, social media management, email management, customer support, or any other task, we are here to provide you with reliable and efficient support.

Executive Assistant

A virtual executive assistant can handle tasks such as managing calendars, scheduling appointments, organizing documents, and handling email correspondence. They can help free up staff time and ensure smooth administrative operations.

Donor Relations Assistant

This virtual assistant can support donor management by tracking and organizing donor information, sending acknowledgments, and providing updates on fundraising campaigns. They can also assist with generating reports and analyzing donor data.

Volunteer Coordinator

A virtual assistant specialized in volunteer coordination can help manage volunteer schedules, track volunteer hours, and communicate with volunteers. They can assist in recruiting, training, and coordinating volunteer activities, ensuring smooth volunteer engagement.

Event Coordinator

A virtual assistant focused on event coordination can help plan, organize, and manage fundraising events, conferences, or community activities. They can assist with tasks like venue research, logistics planning, attendee management, and promotion.

Social Media Manager

A virtual assistant specializing in social media management can handle content creation, scheduling posts, monitoring engagement, and responding to inquiries on social media platforms. They can help enhance the nonprofit's online presence and engage with the community.

Grants Admin Assistant

This virtual assistant can support the grant-seeking process by researching potential grants, compiling relevant information, and assisting with grant applications. They can help identify funding opportunities and ensure that the nonprofit meets application requirements.

Data Analyst

Your VA can play a crucial role in supporting data analysis initiatives. They can assist in tasks such as data cleaning, data organization, and data visualization, making the analysis process more streamlined and accurate. Additionally, they can generate reports, dashboards, and visual representations of the data.

Board Relations

Your VA can support various board development initiatives. By leveraging their capabilities, they can streamline various tasks, enhance communication, and ensure efficient operations within the board. They can assist in organizing and maintaining board-related documents, such as meeting agendas, minutes, and strategic plans. 

Tasks We Can Handle For You

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Reply to Emails

Let your assistant be the first point of contact for emails, conduct follow-ups, forward important and urgent emails.
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Make Travel Arrangements

Your assistant can prepare itineraries for company executives, books hotels and cars, and more.
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Manage Your CRM

Your assistant will store and update records and collect information to be used for marketing operations.
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Receive Your Calls

Your assistant can receive your phone calls and attend/route them as required.
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Web Research & Report Generator

Your assistant can gather data from different platforms and produce reports and insights as required.
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Manage Internal Support

Your VA helps manage projects, conducts internal communications, and organizes company data.
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Manage Everyone's Calendars

Your assistant can manage complex personal and team calendars, and coordinate times for team meetings.
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Track Expenses & Invoices

Your VA creates or sends statements or invoices, tracks payments, and records company expenses.
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Order Products & Supplies

Your assistant takes care of miscellaneous needs such as ordering office supplies, furniture, team lunch, etc.

Our Clients Love Our Assistants


We are proud to partner with you to meet our organization's ever-growing staffing demands. Your Assistants are a key part of our success and we are always recommending you to other nonprofits.

Sienna Leis
Board Member, Colabria Foundation
Our Virtual Assistant Pricing


Pricing for personal assistant services varies based on the level of experience, scope of services offered, and the specific needs of the client.


Part Time
Starting at $799 per month
80 Hours a Month
Dedicated Nonprofit Assistant
Unlimited Tasks
Bilingual - English & Spanish
Fully Remote
Full Time
Starting at $1399 per month
160 Hours a Month
Dedicated Nonprofit Assistant
Unlimited Tasks
Bilingual - English & Spanish
Fully Remote

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